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What is Clasijazz?

Clasijazz is a community of artists and art lovers established to promote music and the arts from the province of Almería and for the whole world. It is an open space for everyone that is based on its diverse family of partners, collaborators and volunteers, who since 1998 have been building and improving this exciting and ambitious project every day.

The Clasijazz collective is the cultural epicenter of the city and its greatest reference point for live music. It is also a music and dance school, a jazz club, a gastronomic meeting point, a cinema, an art gallery, a production company and, above all, a free space. It is a constantly evolving polyhedral project that promotes the development of the individual through their contribution to the community. All this means that the Clasijazz model has been and is a source of inspiration for many other cultural associations in the world.

Clasijazz is the primordial search for truth and beauty breaking down the normative barriers of expression. Clasijazz is a way of life, and people of all ages come together to feed their souls.

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