Clasijazz Big Band

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The Clasijazz Big Band was born within the framework of the Clasijazz Project as one of the flagships of this association, a pioneer in Spain in the dissemination of Jazz, music in general, and the arts.

The band was created in 2010, with a mix of local musicians and external reinforcements, and has evolved to form a stable staff with some of the best Jazz musicians on the national and international scene.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2020, it has already officiated fifty concerts with a long list of twenty different repertoires. After the recording of its first album in the inaugural live performance on April 10, 2010, “Live at the Auditorio Maestro Padilla”, the prestigious big band conductor and saxophonist Ramón Cardo joined the band, of which he is currently the principal conductor and with whom they have performed key samples of the most important composers and arrangers: Stan Kenton, Glen Miller, Bill Holman, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Phil Collins, Miles Davis.

In 2020, despite the difficulties that Covid19 brought to the cultural sector, the Clasijazz Big Band developed the project “Clasijazz Big Band Pro”, in which 17 of the best Jazz musicians in the country were united in an artistic residency for 6 months living, rehearsing, training and performing uninterruptedly in Clasijazz. This project demonstrated the socio-cultural richness of having such a stable formation in a city, in addition to exploring new ways of life and creating innovative and sustainable culture.

Currently, the Clasijazz Big Band continues its path through regular meetings, reaching day by day a higher musical level and international projection with stellar collaborations with internationally renowned musicians such as Maria Schneider (USA), Itiberé Zwarg (BR), and Jorge Pardo (SP).


Trumpets: Bruno Calvo, Pep Garau, José Carlos Hernández, Julán Sánchez

Trombones: Tomeu Garcías, Miguel Moisés, Rita Payés, Jose DIego Sarabia, Pedro Pastor

Saxs: Irene Reig, Tete Leal, Enrique Oliver, Pedro Cortejosa, Francisco Blanco «Latino»

Piano: Daahoud Salim

Guitar: Jaume Llombart

Double Bass: Bori Albero

Drums: Andreu Pitarch

Clasijazz Big Band Pro ft. Toni Vaquer – Pakuska


  • 2015- Epitaph, by Charles Mingus. Clasijazz Big Band conducted by Ramón Cardo – Auditorio Maestro Padilla
  • 2021- Perico Sambeat & Clasijazz Big Band Pro VIII “Music for Small & Large Ensembles with Kenny Wheeler” – Clasijazz
  • 2021- Bernard van Rossum & Clasijazz Big Band “Flamenco Big Band” -” Auditorio Maestro Padilla Almeria
  • 2021- Clasijazz Big Band – Abdu Salim Music -Clasijazz
  • 2021- Darcey James & Clasijazz Big Band “Secret Society” – Clasijazz
  • 2022 – María Schneider & Clasijazz Big Band. – Clasijazz
  • 2022 – Itiberé Zwarg & Claisjazz Big Band – Clasijazz
  • 2022 – Jorge Pardo & Clasijazz Big Band – Auditorio Maestro Padilla, 30 Festival Internacional de Jazz de Almería

Clasijazz Big Band- Epitaph, by Charles Mingus.