Dixieland Clasijazz

Imagen No8. Dixieland

The Dixieland Clasijazz offers a show full of sounds of the most original jazz of the early twentieth century. A journey through ragtime, Dixieland, swing, blues, etc., in short, the rhythms that drove a whole generation crazy. An opportunity to travel to New Orleans with the first jazz band that emerged in Clasijazz.

Formed by professional musicians from Almeria with the aim of spreading the jazz of the early twentieth century, the Dixieland Clasijazz performs parades and concerts interpreting songs as well known as “When The Saints Go Marching In” or “The Entertainer”. An unbridled swing party. We invite all swing dancers to dance Lindyhop, Charleston …


Clarinet: Marcel López Magaña

Tenor Sax: José Antonio Parra Balastegui

Trumpet: José Jiménez Oliver

Trombone: Juan Antonio García Riquelme

Euphonium: Antonio Valero

Banjo/Guitar: Rafael Arcos Nievas

Piano/Bass drum: Pablo Mazuecos Nievas

Drums: Francisco Domene Martínez

Vocals: Isabel María López Manzano