Clasijazz Big Band Swing & Funk

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Big Band Clasijazz Swing & Funk is a band conducted by Mike Fletcher that performs music of the great composers of the ’30-’50s (Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Benny Goodman) including some pieces of other styles (funk, Latin jazz, modern jazz) to make a historical journey through the evolution of the most powerful formation of jazz: the jazz orchestra or big band.

The show is a “black and white party” where musicians and swing dancers bring us back to the golden age of swing in Chicago and Harlem, ending with the most powerful and energetic styles of music such as funk or Latin jazz, which will make the audience move in their seats.

The Big Band Clasijazz Swing & Funk emerges in 2011, being today a model band, performing with national and internationally renowned artists such as: Benny Golson, Mad Mathias, New Jungle Orchestra, Ignasi Terraza, Enrique Oliver, Martin Andersen, Stephen Riley, Joao Lopes, Jose Carra, David Pastor, Duccio Bertini, Martin Leiton, and many more.

This Big Band has become a consolidated big band with a long and remarkable trajectory and a promising future projection.
Once again, jazz shows that it is a style of music that since its origins have been revolutionary, integrating generations and absorbing a thousand and one styles.



Jose Carlos Hernández, David Galera, Antonio Abad, Manuel Recio


José Diego Sarabia, Corina Martínez, Sergio Torres, Liberto Amate

Alto Saxs:

Juande Marín, Joaquín Romero

Tenor Saxs:

Diego M. Pecharromán, Florencio Juan

Baritone Sax:

Aurelio Muñoz


Pablo Mazuecos


Arturo Palenzuela

Double Bass:

Bori Albero


Jose Carlos “Tito” González


Sara Marcos


Mike Fletcher

Clasijazz Big Band Swing & Funk ft. Benny Golson – Blues March

Clasijazz Big Band Swing & Funk – Flight of the foo birds